Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Team Christmas Lunch

Today we had our team Christmas lunch at Pizza Express. Yes, I know it's boring but we couldn't get in anywhere else this close to Christmas.

We have our company Christmas dinner and dance on the 19th, but traditionally the individual teams have their own separate celebrations. I organised it again this year and made sure that everyone knew that we were all supposed to be paying for our own meals. In reality, the team leader normally pays for drinks or food or both.

This year, P, our team leader paid for everything. Woo hoo. There were 12 of us, and we had 42 Peronis. Considering the fact that a few of us (my self included didn't have any alcohol) - this means that some people must have had 4 or 5 drinks! This in addition to a three course lunch with very generous portions. The bill was over £500. Not bad for 12 people I guess.

I had vegetable crisps, caesar salad, Sloppy Giuseppe pizza, tiramisu and filter coffee, all washed down with orange juice and lemonade. That's a lot of food for a mid-week lunch. The guys on my team all drink triple expressos and are amused by my filter coffee.

Then a few of us headed back to work (it was 3:30 by then), while most of the team - including P, - went straight to the pub.

It's been a good year for our office, we made nearly 10% net profit this year. The company average is 3.4%; so we really deserve our Christmas celebrations.

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