Monday, December 18, 2006

Biscuits and Cheeky Girls

This evening we broke into a tin of biscuits that we had received as Christmas presents. I know we should have waited, but I was craving biscuits. I didn't want to buy any because I knew there was a perfectly nice tin at home.

They were delicious. Mmmm, Duchy Originals Organic biscuits, very posh.

Mr K-E has just told me that Lembit Opik, a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, has dumped his long time girlfriend Sian Lloyd for one of the Cheeky Girls! That's the end of his political career, ha ha ha. Sian is an ITV weather presenter, but I think she's quite brainy and seemed perfect political spouse material. But the Cheeky Girls??? I wonder which sister he's seeing - they seem like clones to me. Maybe they've got some Eastern European thing going on, Lembit's family are from Estonia and the Cheeky Girls are from Transylvania. Yes, really.

Sian vs. Cheeky Girls : which one do you think would be better at those political conferences?

(Mr K-E says is it buy-one-get-one-free?)

Well, Mr K-E saw it in the Sun, so it might all be bollocks. It looks true - read about it here.

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