Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas shopping

This morning Mr K-E and I went into town for some Christmas shopping.

We bought

  1. a snowboarding jacket for Mr K-E who is going snowboarding in Chamonix, France
  2. books for me
  3. a belt for me
  4. a jumper for Mr K-E
  5. plants for Mr K-E's mother
  6. plants for Mr-K-E's Auntie
  7. fluffy pink socks for Mr K-E's sister
  8. polka dot pajamas for Mr K-E's brother's girlfriend
  9. liqueur chocolates for Mr K-E's father
  10. christmas cards
  11. wrapping paper and gift tags
  12. sellotape

(Mr K-E says that no one is interested in reading this crap. Well, gee honey, thanks for your support.)

We were out in town all frigging day and we were absolutely knackered at the end of it. At least we made some progress on the present-buying front, although we still have more to do. The small "fun" presents are easy; it's the "main" present thats the killer.

For lunch we had nice food in Wagamama mmm chicken katsu curry.

The crowds were vicious as expected. I don't think I can face another Saturday in town before Christmas. It's going to be another Amazon christmas in the K-E household.

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