Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve in the Countryside

I can't believe there is a big rail strike today - Christmas Eve! The bastards. The RMT general secretary Bob Crow has apologised to passengers but at least he is frank i.e. "...the money's not satisfactory to our members...". The airports are still recovering from the mess caused by fog over the last few days, and now a rail strike!

I am at Mr K-E's parent's place in the countryside. This year only Mr K-E and I will be around on Christmas day as his siblings and their partners are busy with work and other family commitments. Today we visited Mr K-E's brother B and his girlfriend L. They have just moved into a new house and will be spending Christmas Day with L's parents. So we will see them on Boxing Day when we will have round two of present opening.

At least I don't have the dilemma of where to spend Christmas Day because my parents are so far away. We always go to Mr K-E's parents. But for other couples I know, this can become a real problem. To keep rush from one house to another means they can't really relax over the Christmas holidays - eating two full Christmas dinners in one day... too much!

As the moment Mr K-E is sorting out his Dad's IT issues and I am relaxing in front of an open fire, eating toblerones and watching midnight mass on TV. It's not a bad way to spend Christmas Eve. I feel a bit sad because I miss my parents who are in Brunei, but hopefully I will have a good chat with them tomorrow.

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