Thursday, December 21, 2006

Baileys means it's Christmas....'s really cold tonight.

Mr K-E is out at his work Christmas party which started with breakfast and will probably go on all night.

I left work at 4:30 today, finished my work and there's not much point starting anything new as we will be "breaking up" for nearly two weeks tomorrow. So it was down to the pub for Baileys and gossip. I got chatted up twice! Unfortunately, both times by dodgy middle aged men. The first time I was up at the bar on my own and had just bought myself a drink (I was a bit late so everyone had already got theirs) when Bloke A said - Hello, are you alright? Are you here on your own? Eeek. I mumbled something like - I'm meeting friends. They are just over there... and pushed my way through the crowds away from dodgy Bloke A.

Then later on in the evening, I was left alone when S and J went to the toilet and M went to get the next round of drinks. What gentlemen! Before I knew it , a somewhat podgy man with a cigar (!) had sidled up to me and tried to engage me in conversation. No, he was not just being friendly. I was feeling pretty pissed by then, but I still found it excruciating. How do you say "Get real. Fuck off." politely? Luckily he got the hint and made himself scarce just as M returned with the drinks. We had a laugh about it later, and S assured me that I could do much better than cigar man.

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