Thursday, December 07, 2006

Shop till you drop

After work I met my sister-in-law, C, at Borders near Oxford Circus for the Liberty "Christmas Fantasy" event. She has a Liberty store card, so she gets invited to these events where we can get 20% discount. I haven't been into Liberty for ages, so it was nice to shop in the swish surroundings. Its a lovely building and tonight it was completely packed full of shoppers.

The event started at seven, so we had dinner beforehand at a Korean restaurant, RAN. The food was OK, we had the Korean grill where the food is cooked at the table (similar to our Mongolian barbeque in Brunei).

Then, suitably re-charged, we tackled all five floors of beautiful but expensive luxury goods. Yes, we spent lots of money - but hey it was all 20% off. Except "beauty" which was only 10% off. Grrr. I like Liberty because its full of unusual items that you can't find in other department stores. Almost everything you buy is wrapped in their trademark orange tissue paper, and they put it in these purple gift boxes for you.

My favourite thing tonight - A Stila lipstick palette which C bought as a present to me.

(It doesn't look that great in the picture, but trust me it's gorgeous)

Other shopping successes included a box of soaps for Mr-K-E's mother. 4 soaps for £18!!! Extortionate I know, but the packaging is fabulous. I'm such a sucker for these things. Also bought some chocolate for Mr K-E's dad.

And I finally bought C a present for her birthday (which was in September) - at £95 , 20% off equals £76. Happy Belated Birthday from me and Mr K-E!

I know I'm going to regret this reckless spending tomorrow, but for now, woo-hoo! I love shopping!

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