Friday, December 15, 2006

Mr K-E likes curry

Mr K-E likes curry. Tonight we had curry at a restaurant called Tandoori Nights, supposedly one of the best in our area. We have only eaten a few times (the last time about 6 years ago) because we are not organised enough to sort out reservations and the place is always packed.

Anyway, we had a treat tonight after my hard day's negotiations. We had chicken pakora, onion bhajis, a green chicken handi thing, sag aloo (spinach & potato) and mushrooms.

(Mr K-E says whatever you order, it always tastes the same anyway. And why do you have to list everything in your blog: it's so boring.)


baz said...

u shud try khan's at bayswater :D

Katie-Ella said...

I think I have been there before, a few years ago. I should try it again. Thanks for your recommendation....Funnily enough, I am going to Bayswater today.

baz said...

the only problem is they allow ppl to smoke in there... which is similar to brunei except brunei is even worse they even allow smokers in airconditioned restaurants, silly but thats a fact... what is most inconsiderate is the poor kids who had to suffer :(

do enjoy urself at bayswater, dun forget to drop by at whiteleys top floor at the cinemas and get a tub of ben and jerrys!!!