Monday, December 04, 2006

New job?

I have leave to use up before Christmas so I had another day off today. I went into town because I had to see someone about a job offer. It went well, and they just need to make me an offer now. Well, they approached me, so from my point of view, its a case of "show me the money". I'm trying not to stress over it, can you tell?

Anyway, after that I had lunch in Chinatown. After barbequed pork and crispy belly pork on rice, I felt pretty "porked out" so I wandered around Soho and ended up in Covent Garden where I bought more Christmas presents. Here are some below:

For Mr K-E's sister

For Mr K-E's brother's girlfriend

For my Aunt

Also for my Aunt

Not very imaginative presents, I know. I'm saving the helicopter for next year.

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