Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bruneians and Free Food

Sorry I don't know to embed videoclips...but look at this.

Holy Cow! Mr K-E says, "It's like disaster relief but without the dignity." He also says, "..but everyone in Brunei is so fat anyway."

That's enough comment from you, thanks.

More pictures here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday, Mr K-E and I went to watch Monkey:Journey to the West at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

The music was written by Damon Albarn (of Blur) and the visuals were developed by Jamie Hewlett (who did the Gorillaz). Mr K-E was really excited about it because Monkey was one of his favourite childhood TV shows. I don't think it was ever shown in Brunei, but the legend of the Monkey God is familiar to most Chinese people I think.

We had an indulgent afternoon, eating out before and after the performance. We had lunch at Zizzi's where I had a delicious seafood risotto. Then after the show we had drinks and dinner at Browns.

The show was completely sold out and there is only a five day run, so we were lucky to get tickets. It was a combination of chinese acrobatics, martial arts, opera, animation, dancing and original music. Sounds like a mess, but it very good.

The Royal Opera House is a beautiful building, inside and out. I'm already thinking about dragging Mr K-E to an opera or ballet later this year.

Skin and Bones

Last Saturday we went to an exhibition at the Embankment Galleries in Somerset House.

If you are interested in fashion, architecture or design in general, I would definitely recommend it.

Somerset House is often used in film shoots because of its cobbled streets and stone facade buildings.

There's only one film I can think of at the moment - Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp.

We saw these interesting mermen outside the Seamen's Hall.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love London

We spent last Saturday wandering around the South Bank. It was a lovely afternoon and there was lots going on.

Despite all its problems, I really love living in London because of the diversity and wealth of cultural experiences available - free!

Like this dance troupe entertaining the crowds queueing to get into the Hayward Gallery.

This is Appearing Rooms, an "aquatic sculpture" by Jeppe Hein. You can walk through rooms formed by the water jets.

You can see the London Eye in the background and Big Ben too, if you look closely.

There was live music outside the National Theatre and people were square dancing.

There was giant furniture there too, which Mr KE loved.

"Grass" sofas, armchairs and coffee table.

This is "art" too, but I didn't really get it. Something about music and light responding to human movement.

This is the "Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef".

All the coral is actually crochet, which I thought was pretty cool.

Underneath Waterloo Bridge there are long tables set up with second hand books for sale. I have spent many happy weekends browsing here while Mr K-E watches the skaters a few hundred meters away.

Monday, July 14, 2008

When K-E went to lunch

Mr K-E and some of his colleagues were taken out to lunch by his Boss last week. They went to Latium, a modern Italian restaurant in Soho.

He thought it was a really nice meal so (like a good blogger's husband) he took some photos of the food - much to the bemusement of his colleagues.

His starter: Buffalo mozzarella with grilled courgettes and oven dried tomato. ( Mr K-E says : the mozzarella looks like hard boiled egg in the picture, but it was delicious)

Main: Sea Bass on Mediterranean vegetables with white wine sauce.

He managed to get shots of other people's food too. He didn't take any photos of his pudding because everyone was smashed by then. They didn't leave the restaurant till 4, and it was straight to the pub. It's all right for some, isn't it?

Thank You!

Some very nice people sent Mr K-E these chocolates for his birthday.

Thank you very much! Now - which one shall we open first....hmmm decisions decisions...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fat Pig

Last Friday Mr K-E and I went to see a play called Fat Pig at Trafalgar Studios on Whitehall. The male leads were Kris Marshall (from the sitcom My Family and the BT adverts) and Robert Webb (from Peepshow).

The plot is: A man meets a girl who is funny, pretty, clever and great fun to be with - just one problem, she is really, really fat. They date and fall in love, but he keeps it a secret from work colleagues because he is embarassed by his fat girlfriend. When his colleagues find out, they are horrified and waste no time making fun of him. The reaction of his blonde, sexy ex-girlfriend, who can't believe that he would choose a fat girl over, was especially entertaining.

In a Hollywood movie there would be a happy ending but as this is the theatre, the ending is a bit more realistic albeit painful to watch.

It was meant to be a comedy (and Mr K-E laughed his head off at some parts) but I found it a bit hit or miss. I guess because I've watched a lot of the two actors on TV and it seemed that they were just playing their TV roles.

Plus: The theatre is very small which gives it a very intimate feel. We were sitting right at the front and I was worried that they would trip over my handbag, they were that close. At some points, I could have reached up from my seat and touched the actors (without getting up). So it was easy to get drawn into their "private" conversations.

Minus: The play is set in America and the actors tried to maintain American accents through out.. I say "tried" because they didn't succeed, which spoilt it slightly for me.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Brian Wilson at Kenwood House

Last weekend we went to Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath (North London) to see Brian Wilson i.e. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

It was actually Mr K-E's company summer outing and it was an all-day picnic with the concert at the end. I didn't think I could handle all day in the park (hayfever...sniff ...sniff) so we just turned up for the concert in the evening.

It was a lovely setting; just a shame that it's such a trek from our South London neighbourhood.

We had the usual "English" picnic food - sausage rolls, quiche, chicken drumsticks, sandwiches, lots of beer...all arranged by Mr K-E's work so I can't complain.

Apparently he's the one playing the keyboard.

There were people at the front in deckchairs, but it was more fun in the picnic area.


Mr K-E's birthday cake; it is a chocolate ganache cake. The recipe is from Nigella's How to Eat.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy Birthday

Mr K-E's birthday was on Monday. We just went out for dinner at a local Italian restaurant - Mondays are no good for birthdays...The food was yummy. It was the first time we have been there and we are definitely going back soon.

Starters : Calamari (deep fried squid) for me and Bruschetta (tomatoes, basil, garlic on toast) for the husband.

Mains: lamb for me and Argentinian sirloin for the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday honey. I'm sorry I didn't make you a cake. I'll make you one this weekend.