Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Other people's blogs

Now that I am a blogger (ahem), I have started searching for blogs of people I know. You know, like "googling" but looking for their blogs/friendster/bebo/myspace pages etc.

It's funny when you come across people you know quite well, and there are little fibs or even outright lies on their site. For example, someone I know quite well asserts on friendster that she's not "full-blooded asian". Now, I know her whole family!! And they are all Chinese!! Maybe she thinks its more interesting, ha ha ha.

It's also strange when you come across photos of people you have lost touch with, or people you "kind of" knew but not really. I'm sure you know what I mean. It feels a bit voyeuristic looking at their wedding photos, thinking - ugh, who did your makeup? Cruella deVille? Especially if you have no intention of getting in touch with them and just want to snigger over their bad-taste outfits. And thinking, well I guess you guys had to marry each other because everyone in Brunei knew, and no-one else would have had either of you. Evil, evil me.

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