Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mr K-E's cooking.

Mr K-E got a "griddling" cookbook for Christmas and today he wanted to try out a recipe for Tandoori chicken breasts. So we dug out our griddle; a square cast-iron job with ridges, designed to sit on top of a gas stove. We haven't used it since 1999 after one disappointing attempt at griddled salmon steaks. The main problem was that the food stuck to the griddle like a bastard and it stank out the whole flat. Cleaning it is also NOT fun.

Anyway, today Mr K-E prepared the 2 (!) marinades and cooked the chicken breasts himself . We ate them wrapped them in flour tortillas with salad and mayo. Delicious. It's a pity we were too ravenous to stop and take a photograph.

(He even did all the washing up - including the food processor. I hope this trend continues.)

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