Saturday, April 14, 2007

Eggs and Eyebrows

So, Kate Middleton and Prince William have broken up. I've always thought she was very average; middle-of the-road, nothing to write home about. England needs an extreme queen, don't you think?

Creatures of habit, Mr K-E and I went out for our Saturday brunch as usual. We went to one of our local gastropubs for Eggs Benedict and fat chips. I have it with both spinach and bacon, greedy me.

In the afternoon, Mr K-E noticed that a Mercedes convertible with the radio on had pulled up outside our flat. Firstly, this guy was listening to the news on full blast OK, and then Mr K-E realised why he he had pulled up.

Merc driver was plucking his eyebrows! For about ten minutes!

When he had finished plucking, he drove off - but not before we had taken a photograph.

My opinion : Must be a gay guy.
Mr K-E's opinion: He's got a hot (lunchtime) date with a lady and he wants to tidy up his eyebrows first. Hahahaha.

Just goes to show, you can buy a Mercedes convertible but you can't be cool if you've got bushy eyebrows.

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