Sunday, April 08, 2007

Is anyone out there?

Since I put the counter on this blog, I've noticed that I am getting about 25-30 visits a day. A few of those is just me updating the entries and checking for comments. That leaves maybe 20 (?) people reading the blog everyday, unless it's just Mr K-E visiting 20 times a day to make me feel better.

A few people have left comments, so I know who they are but to anyone else who might be reading: a big fat friendly


When I first started blogging I didn't do it to have masses of readers (dream on!) or to make serious statements about the world or anything like that. I just wanted to share my thoughts on some of the stuff that was happening in my life, and I thought that maybe someone out there would enjoy reading about it.

The thought of lots of people reading my blog is kind of scary to me, which is why I have asked Simpur to take me off their bloglist. But 20 people is OK, I can deal with 20 people. It still feels small and intimate, if you know what I mean.


baz said...

which part of london r u staying? i was staying in central london near hyde park for nearly 4 yrs (in the 1990s) :)

baz said...

oh, u dun hav to ask simpur to get u blog off their listings... for me i just changed the settings of my blog where only those invited can have access so u can do the same thing for privacy :P

Katie-Ella said...

Baz, I live in sunny South London. I don't want to limit access to my blog as such; I just didn't want it listed on Simpur. I'm being picky, I know :)

baz said...

hmmm funny u shud say "sunny"... for me, the image of london (after nearly a decade in UK) is always raining, gloomy and the horrible overcrowded Tube :P but i do enjoy eating sandwiches (bfast) at Pret's or having fish n chips (lunch) or having pasta at an italian restaurant near holborn (dinner), occasionally that is otherwise i cook at home :)