Thursday, April 26, 2007

Storage and Estate Agents.

Today Mr K-E and I had the day off and we went off to look for some storage space in our area.

Self-storage is one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK; in summary - a company provides containers or lockers in a secure environment. It started off as a short-term thing for people who were moving house or travelling. But some people treat it as long-term storage or an extra room - i.e. when your house gets full of stuff, you put half your stuff in there so that you can go out and buy more stuff.

Hey. Don't say - how about not buying more stuff. That's dangerous talk - do you want to start a recession?? ;)

Our excuse is that we are putting our flat on the market soon and we need to clear lots of space.

So here's our extra room - woo hoo! Soon to be filled with all our crap - books, CDs, DVDs, kitchen gadgets, shoes etc. Mr K-E says my handbags should go in there. That's cruelty to handbags!

It's half a container. Somehow it looks really big in the photo.

Did you read about the guy who killed a woman and kept her dead body in a self-storage locker? He used to visit the container (and the dead body) once a week until it got too "ripe". Eeeuuwww.

The containers are in some railway arches. It's OK, seems quite clean, dry and secure.

Another thing we did today was view a house. It is rented at the moment, so it was in a bad state and the tenants had made minimal effort to tidy up.

We had to put up with the usual estate agent rubbish - how house prices in the area are going up like crazy. We should make a move as soon as possible, etc etc. Yeah, right.

The house we looked at was on the market for £485K. It's not a lot by London standards, but this place was very small, dark, damp and ugly. The location was excellent though.

I'm convinced that house prices are fueled by estate agents over-valueing properties. Bastards.

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