Monday, March 19, 2007

Future Queen of England?

There was an article in the Observer yesterday about Kate Middleton, Prince William's girlfriend and probably a future Queen of England. She's only 25, but by God, does she dress like she's 55.

(Picture is from here)

I know she has to appear respectable and all that, but talk about lamb dressed as mutton. The article quotes a fashion editor who says that "she has the biggest collection of Longchamp I've ever seen".

Really? I thought Longchamp was a really boring stuffy brand. But maybe... it's going to be the next Mulberry.... This could be my chance to be chic before everyone else!

So I had look at the Longchamp website. Hmmm. Not good. Even my mother wouldn't be seen carrying these handbags.

(Sorry, I couldn't get any pictures but have a look for yourself. They cost around £400 each apparently.)

I prefer Prince Harry's girlfriend Chelsy Davy, or Chav-sy Davy as some people call her. She's pretty trashy but at least she's interesting to look at.

(Picture is from here)

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