Monday, April 09, 2007

A bit of history

Mr K-E looked through my last blog post and complained that I hadn't included this photo.

It is a panel from the Berlin Wall, and stands outside the Imperial War Museum in London.

(Are you happy now honey?)

Where do you think that Berlin is? I have always assumed that Berlin is on the border between the old East and West Germany, because I know that the Berlin Wall was the separation between the capitalist West and the communist East.

Mr K-E told me recently that Berlin is actually right in the middle of what used to be East Germany. Amazing, huh?

Look at the map below, it shows occupied Germany in 1945 with different colours showing each allied country's zone of influence. See that multi-coloured bit in the middle of the red "sea", that's Berlin. I felt really ignorant, but it's not obvious is it? Damn those inadequate history lessons!

There's a good book called Teach Yourself the Cold War (recommended by Mr K-E). I haven't got round to reading it yet but it sounds fascinating. I need educating, that's for sure.


BRUNEI resources said...

I was told that there are actually a few cannons (giant size ones) which are of Brunei origins on display at that museum. If you happen to go there again, I would love it if you can take photographs of them. The cannons are supposedly gifts but I think they were plundered out of Brunei.

Katie-Ella said...

Hi Mr BR; I didn't see them but I will have a look the next time I am there and take some photos for you. The Imperial War Museum has several "franchises", I went to the one in London. The one in Portsmouth has a Cannon Museum which may be where the Brunei cannons are. I'll keep a look out anyway.