Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paid to Post

Another blogger that I visit every day is Jewelle aka Life in Lumut. Actually, she has started another blog about food - although I suspect this is part of her plan to expand her PayPerPost empire.

PayPerPost is a way for companies to advertise through bloggers, albeit in a slightly sneaky way.The blogger refers to a product or a service in his/her blog, adds a link and gets paid for it. I think the going rate is US$5 per post and the post has to be approved by PPP beforehand.

Anyway, earlier on in the year Jewelle said that her target was to earn US$5,000 (am I right, Jewelle?) this year through PPP and she seems to be keeping up with the blogging. It's not easy being a mother of two and it's great that she still has that entrepreneurial spirit. Go Jewelle!

I must admit I am kind of sceptical about the whole payperpost thing, as it takes away from the "honesty" of blog reviews and comments. However, if there is money to be made - why not? Jewelle always labels these posts clearly so the reader knows that the post is sponsored, although I sometimes grin at the seemingly random topics. I can just imagine her racking her brains thinking of ways to introduce Colorado Mining Opportunities or Latest Kitchen Gadget into her blog.

In one of her posts, Jewelle wonders why more Bruneian bloggers have not taken this up. Well, I don't do it because blogging would then become work, and I can't bear the thought of more work outside of my real work. I'm sure there are lots of people who feel the same way.

Or maybe Bruneians need to be a bit more aggressive when it comes to earning money? As someone once told me, there's money to be made everywhere - you just have to be willing to earn it.

(Uh, have I just given payperpost free advertising? Doh! *smack myself on the head*)


Jewelle Tan said...

LOL, why you have to break my secret of the real reasons for that food blog! And you are absolutely right, I sometimes rolled my eyes reading all the crazy stuffs I wrote.

Btw, if you're a PPP postie, that post would've earn you probably US$10 already!

I agree that it is a LOT of work and I do know working folks cannot commit to this, even my sister is struggling although she still makes a lot more than me (d*mn it!)

But thanks for the reference ;-P

blackdiamonds said...

Could it also have to do with the fact that blogs for commercial purposes have to be registered with a certain Government agency?

Katie-Ella said...

Jewelle - US$10? Da-yammn!
Black Diamonds - Really? Well, I guess I'm not that surprised. What do they do to you if they find out?Pull out all your toenails? JOKE!*looks over shoulders nervously* I seem to have forgotten myself there...ahem...