Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dulux Dilemmas

I think it must be my down-to-earth Bruneian upbringing, but I just can't get excited about different coloured wall emulsions. Just paint it all apple-white for goodness sake! Or magnolia, if you want to be a bit different.

Unfortunately, Mr K-E has other ideas and has been doing colour experiments in our living room.

From left to right,
  • Rum Caramel 5
  • Cocoa Blush 5
  • Natural Taupe 2
  • Rich Praline 4
  • Velvet Truffle 5

(The name is actual colour and the number is the "shade", if that's the right word, i.e. lighter or darker.)

What gets me are the silly names - obviously Dulux must have done consumer reasearch and found that their target customers respond well to food references. Our guest bedroom is done in Maraschino Mocha - doesn't that sound like an upmarket ice cream flavour?

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