Monday, April 30, 2007

Breakfast with the CEO and other Storage Mishaps

Today I had breakfast with the CEO. Actually, me and 12 other people sat around the boardroom table and mostly listened to his views.

It was a kind of "meet your leader" event and well, not that exciting really. The best thing is that the UK Operations Director picked me to represent our company. Hey, little ole me :)

As for the CEO, he had a horrible habit of referring to himself as "one" i.e. One went to Europe to search for more acquisitions / when One feels that the time is right for expansion...not appealing. You get the impression that he's used to people just sitting around in awe of him. Still, you have to give the man credit.

I managed to eat an almond croissant and a granola berry yoghurt, which is the most important thing. I never let nerves keep me from my food, hahaha.

On another note, more bad news for self-storage fans. Some terrorist wannabees have been convicted today and they were using self-storage containers to store their loot i.e. 600kg of fertiliser for making bombs.

600kg of fertiliser - enough for a few football pitches - bought by a urbanista with rap music blaring out from his car stereo......hmm why do you think the supplier was suspicious?

And they hired a big self-storage container to store it - much bigger than they required. That in itself is bizarre, as everyone knows, you have to rent the smallest container you can get away with and fill to the brim with junk-filled cardboard boxes.

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