Friday, May 04, 2007

What happened to elegant minimalism?

Mr K-E and I received a wedding invitation today. I was tempted to take a picture of it, but it wouldn't really be fair to the bride and groom (for reasons that will soon become clear).

First of all, the card just screams "homemade" to me. Even Mr K-E, who doesn't really pay much attention to these things, said Did they make this themselves or what?

I mean, it's okay if you want to add a personal touch/think you can do better than card manufacturers etc - but please....don't take it too far.

The card we received today had
  • little plastic hearts (I think scrapbookers call them embellishments)
  • little plastic pearl things
  • spray painted gold edges
  • a stuck-on gold "photo frame" made of stiff textured card
  • paper roses, complete with green sepals
  • red ribbon

and that's just the front of the card. Don't get me started on the inside, or we'll be here all weekend.

What happened to minimalism? What happened to simple elegance?

I know it's mean to criticise, but OMG, please...stop with the tackiness. Put that liquid gold pen down before I smack you.

And is it really necessary to have the heartfelt "essay" about how "we want to be with our friends and family on this special day etc we celebrate our life together..." Oh please. Spare us.


Jewelle Tan said...

LOL, I'm not surprised if there'll be lots of "heartfelt" moments during the wedding too.

Katie-Ella said...

I feel quite mean now, making fun of someone's wedding invitation!