Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday evening

Well, forget everything I said earlier about "not buying any more stuff". I'm like an alcoholic; one drink and it's all over. One pair of shoes and I'm off on a spending spree. My Barclaycard was on fire tonight as I hit Oxford Street after work.

I'm too tired to blog in detail, but now I have lots of lovely new clothes and lingerie...woohoo! I'll regret it when the credit card bill arrives, but for now - I love shopping!

I stumbled on this guy's website - letters from Brunei. Very interesting reading.

He's the guy who wrote that song about Kuala Belait. Sorry, if you don't know Brunei, none of it will make sense. I expended all my energy pounding the mean shopping streets of London, none left for explanations.

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