Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paris, May 2007 : Sunday

A typical French breakfast; our le petit dejeuner on Sunday.

We stayed in an area of Paris called Montmartre, literally the Mount of the Martyrs. It is really hilly, with charming buildings ....

and winding cobbled streets.

There used to be lots of moulins (windmills) in the area as this is where the flour was milled for the whole of Paris. The most famous is the Moulin Rouge (i.e. red windmill) which is now a cabaret, but more about that later...

At the top of Montmartre, there is a beautiful cathedral called the Sacre Coeur (the Sacred Heart). There was no photography allowed inside and this was strictly enforced and silence was required at all times, which is rare for a tourist site.

The reason is that The Blessed Sacrament is continuously exposed, so there is uninterrupted adoration day and night. It has been continuous 24-hour prayer since 1885 - isn't that amazing? (Catholics will understand what I'm talking about.)

Lunch was entrecote et frites.... we didn't only eat one meal during our time in Paris, honest! It was just that I was really self-conscious of taking food pictures.

We ate in this restaurant close to the Sacre Coeur.

Every 100m or so, there is a patisserie / boulangerie. I ate a lot of pastries and cakes in Paris, and I mean a lot. God knows how Parissiene women stay thin.

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