Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paris, May 2007 : Friday

We got there around lunchtime, made our way to the hotel in Montmartre and found somewhere to have lunch nearby.

Looking through our photos, it looks like we had frites for every meal hahaha. I'm still really self-conscious about taking photos of the food in restaurants, so I don't tend to do it in the "smarter" places.

Mr K-E is having the classic steak frites while I am having chicken in a creamy sauce. However, Mr K-E was disappointed that they were not real frites but thicker and more like English chips.

Then we went walkabout.

It was a lovely afternoon.

We saw this guy when we were walking down Rue de Rivoli.

Policemen on rollerblades. Cool.

The Rue de Rivoli is one of the main streets in Paris and we quickly renamed it the Rue de Ravioli.

We had afternoon coffee at this lovely place called Angelina. We had to queue to get in but it was worth it.

Angelina is a famous Salon de The, but Mr K-E and I just stumbled upon it as we strolled along "Ravioli Street".

After coffee we explored the Jardin du Tuileries, where we saw this arch.

You can see the stonework is done in blocks.

Mr K-E was very impressed by "boobie panel" as he calls it. He says - who gets to do the boobies?

(Yes, this is the man I married.)

Even the graffiti in France is cool.

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