Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Paris, May 2007: Sunday night

This needs no explanation. Unfortunately this was a rainy evening, so we didn't go up to the top. We had dinner in the restaurant at "Stage 1", Altitude 95 at (yes, you guessed it) 95m above sea level.

I was too shy to take any photos ;) but I had beef carpaccio salad, grilled chicken and creamy rissoto. Finished off by melting chocolate pudding with vanilla icecream.

Here's a view from the Seine. We had pre-booked a river cruise, which was actually really boring. Maybe I'm not romantic enough? There was a couple sitting in front of us who kept snogging all the way - hey, get a room! They weren't teenagers either but thirty-somethings....eeuuuww.

Then off we went to the Moulin Rouge. Even though we already had tickets we still had to queue for half an hour to get in.

This is the ballroom. (There is no photography allowed during the show.)

They squeeze 900 people in here twice nightly. The show is expensive but definitely worth seeing. The costumes are so beautiful and the performance is very, very professional. There is nothing tacky about this show.

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