Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bake a Car

When I was a kid, some of my favourite stories were the Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair or Magic Faraway Tree stories. They are about a group of children who find a way to enter other lands i.e. by climbing the Magic Faraway Tree or sitting in the Wishing Chair.

They would then have all sorts of "exciting" adventures and meet witches/goblins/elves etc etc. All very wholesome.

But the places that I loved the most, were the "magic food worlds" - where the rocks were made of chocolate, sweets grew on trees and the streams were full of lemonade. (Yes, I was a greedy child who grew up to become a greedy adult hahaha)

So imagine my excitement when I saw an advert on TV about making a car out of cake! Yes, everything in this car is made out of cake and other edible materials!

And it's not just the body; all the parts eg windscreen wipers, engine block etc have all been lovingly made out of yummy stuff. The panels are made of a baked rice crispy mix and the rear lights are made of jelly. Ingenious! Even the cake is not just boring old pound cake, but fruit cake, chocolate cake, battenburg cake....

The engine block above is full of golden syrup as "engine oil".....

I don't know how to stick on a YouTube clip, but fellow cake-lovers please click here and select the "baking of documentary" link. You can also view the actual advert there which is v. good.

Also look here which has more pictures.

The car is a Skoda, but hey nothing's perfect.

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The self taught Chef said...

hi katie, Thanks for visiting my "blog". It was all pictures and pictures. I don't really 'Blog'. It benefits my family back home so they know what is going in uk.

I was lucky to be sent to London. I really wish to be in the hot kitchen rather than pastry. But yea, as a chef u got to taste every dish before it's plated. It's awkward to me or otherwise you could see more interesting main course.

I think i should be content with what I ever got here. It's about time to go home and do honest cooking. Im tired with all those dodgy chef back in Brunei. !st thing is 1st, Im going to ban Butter or buttermilk dishes from my menu. hehe

Take it easy on the pastries... Trans-fat or hydrogenated fats! come across that before? hehe

btw, I recommend you Baker & spice. They do real quality bread and pastries.

It's good to know some bruneian who knows something about food. Not KUNO? You will be in my list when i finally run my own restuarant. :)

eat well n take care