Sunday, May 13, 2007

Visiting Friends

We went to visit some friends on Saturday. They used to live near us in London but they moved away when they had a baby boy. Now they live in a proper "grown-up" house in Oxfordshire with a huge garden.

You quickly realise that people with kids are on a different time zone to people without kids. We had to get up at 8am to get to their place by noon. Noon is when we normally get up!

We arrived late, of course, after getting lost and driving past their house twice. Unlike our friends, Mr K-E and I are not grown up, so as we tried to find their house there was much bickering and sulking and throwing of mobile phones. OK, that was just me.

Despite all this, it was lovely to see them and their cute son. We went to a local Italian restaurant for lunch and had a walk around the castle grounds. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily do we had to beat a quick retreat to the car.

The afternoon was spent lounging on their sofa drinking coffee and eating cake....the best way to spend Saturday afternoon.

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