Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy (Kia Su) Mother's Day

People in Brunei celebrated Mother's Day today. What with everything else going on, I had completely forgotten about it until my Mother mentioned it during our telephone coversation this afternoon.

I have to be quite organised about Mother's Day because in the UK, everyone celebrates Mothering Sunday which is in March. So I have to buy a Mother's Day card in March and hang onto it until May.

My mother and I had a good chuckle about the general kiasu-ness of Brunei society. This morning, her circle of friends were comparing what their grown-up children had got them for Mother's Day.

(Kiasu literally means "scared to lose" and could be roughly translated as "keeping up with the Jones".)

So Mrs A was waving around a new piece of jewellery while Mrs B "complained" that her son was taking her to Empire for lunch, despite the fact that it was sooo expensive. Meanwhile Mrs C is too busy to chat as her daughters have arranged a special family lunch for her.

Hahahaha. Things never change.

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