Monday, March 05, 2007

Weak Weak Weak

Despite all my good intentions, I bought five books yesterday.

JD Robb is one of my "old-faithfulls" but the others look like they could be very good.

I wanted to get Peter Godwin's other book about Zimbabwe, but it's still in hardback so I bought Mukiwa instead.

And the Qiu XiaoLong book is interesting - it's described as "an Inspector Chen mystery" which is like an "Inspctor Morse story" I guess, but set in modern-day China.

Just to remind myself why I shouldn't buy any more books, I have collected all my other to-be-read books and piled them up.

I can't wait to get into these books but I seem to be stuck reading The Poe Shadow at the moment. The problem is that it's not really that exciting so I keep forgetting about it and reading magazines, old books etc. I even have magazines that I haven't read - a National Geographic has been lying on the kitchen table for the last week, still in its plastic cover.

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