Saturday, March 31, 2007

Paris in May, hooray.

We booked our Paris holiday this morning, hooray! I've never been to Paris, partly because I've heard so many negative things about it eg
  • over-rated
  • just like London, only London is better
  • smells of dog-shit everywhere (this from a guy who divides his time between Paris, London and New York)
  • full of beggars
  • full of rude French people
Also, there are lots of other places to visit and Paris is bottom of the list because it's so close, if you see what I mean.

Mr K-E has been a few times and last October he went on a boozy weekend with his colleagues. At that time, I thought right, we are definitely going in 2007.

So this morning, we booked it all on Expedia. 5 days and four nights in Paris on Eurostar, staying in the 4-star Terrass Hotel in Monmartre. I was happy to stay in a 2/3-star cheapo place, but Mr K-E (after his experience in October) said no fucking way. OK, then, 4-star luxury it is.

We also booked a "package" - dinner up the Eiffel tower, night-time river cruise on the Seine and a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge. It costs £105 each, but what the heck.


Jewelle Tan said...

I didn't really enjoy Paris when I did visit it ages ago, my excuse then was that after the English weather, the summer heat was too much (come to think of it, this reasoning is kind of weird since before the summer I went to Paris, I spent 3 summers in Colorado where it should be hotter) Hmm, maybe it's the crowd, yeah that must be the reason.
Anyways, enjoy gay Paree! Don't get down the wrong Eiffel leg, which happened to me and my friends - fortunately we found each other which was a wonder!)
Also, expecting fab pictures :-)

Katie-Ella said...

Yeah, should be a good holiday :)