Saturday, March 10, 2007

Burgers and Buggies

It's Saturday night and I am bloated. We had lunch at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and oh, I am still so stuffed. I had the bacon and avocado burger while Mr K-E went for the classic cheeseburger plus mushrooms. Mr K-E loves burgers - especially the "gourmet" burgers from places like Hamburger Union and Ed's Diner. It's not cheap, but the meat is lovely (Aberdeen Angus scotch beef) and portions are very generous. Mr K-E says it was the tallest burger he had ever seen.

After lunch we had a stroll around our neighbourhood to try and walk off the lunch, but instead we ended up in Cafe Nero.

It is unbelievable how many little kids and buggies there were in Gourmet Burger Kitchen! Mr K-E was not impressed by over-excited children running around screaming but I didn't mind. :)

All the yummy mummies were out with their trendy husbands showing off the latest in pushchair technology.

A good friend with kids told me that the mothers in our neighbourhood can be very competitive when it comes to baby accessories. It's not about the latest handbag anymore, but who has the most expensive buggy or baby changing bag. I was amazed to find out just how expensive these buggies are - £600 is a reasonable price apparently! What!?? That's more than our car is worth, hahaha.

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