Saturday, March 31, 2007

I like Saturdays

We like Saturdays.

We had a late lunch at Black Cherry. I had the chicken and chorizo pie. Mr K-E had wild mushroom rissotto. The nice food was necessary to cancel the trauma of my horrible Mexican food last night.

Then we had a wander around our neighbourhood. I was surprised to find a scrapping supply shop, just opened recently. Scrapbooking, card-making etc doesn't interest me at all, but it seems to be really popular in Brunei. I thought it was bit American, and wouldn't really take off in the UK - so I was surprised to find the shop. Hmmm, well, people have all sorts of crazy hobbies I guess. Like blogging, says Mr K-E. Hey!

Coffee and cake at Cafe Nero is becoming a Saturday habit.

Lots of mundane errands to run, but we are home now. Harry Potter is on TV and the new series of Dr Who is on at 7. We have pringles, toffee popcorn and coca-cola. Happy, happy me.

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