Saturday, March 17, 2007

Grocery shopping K-E stylie

We first started buying our groceries online when we didn't have a car and it was hassle getting our shopping back to the flat. Although we have a car now, we still do the bulk of our shopping on-line.

Our local Sainsburys is quite big, but at the weekends (esp Saturday mornings) it is packed and you spend half your time manouevring around other peple's trolleys. Also I can think of better things to do at the weekends than push a trolley around a supermarket.

This morning our Sainsburys shopping arrived.

I used to get annoyed because they use so many carrier bags (a pack of butter in a bag by itself!) but now the delivery driver will collect bags for recycling so it's a bit better.


Yes, we eat too many ready meals :)

I don't usually buy meat from the supermarket as we have is a good free-range butcher nearby. We also tend to buy vegetables weekly, so they are fresher.

Mr K-E is still trying to kick his coke habit.

Assorted bread products.

I had a weak moment when I was ordering the shopping...

We don't normally order crisps, honest.

We get our other household goods at the same time.

This delivery cost £108 (including £5 delivery charge). Yup, life in London is expensive.

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