Saturday, March 03, 2007

Retail Withdrawal Part 1

As part of the general K-E household retail ban; there will be NO purchasing of books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, shoes, gadgets, computer games, cosmetics, household items etc etc until we have moved house.

Even though I haven't bought anything since Christmas, I still have piles of books to read, numerous DVDs to watch and brand new clothes that I haven't got around to wearing. If I don't hurry up and wear them, summer will be here and they will be relegated to the back of the wardrobe. Then when it gets cold again, I won't want to wear them because they will be so last season and not new anymore.

So maybe this ban is a good thing for me, as it will teach me some discipline . :)

The whole thing is getting quite painful, as one of my favourite things to do is browsing in bookstores and buying books. I probably used to buy at least 10 books a month, they were my "guilt-free" purchases, ha ha ha, money spent on books doesn't count.

So now I do "virtual shopping" instead, looking on the internet and planning all my future purchases. (Please don't tell me to join a library, it's just not the same...)

Books I want:

Peter Godwin: When a crocodile eats the sun. About Zimbabwe. I read an exerpt and it was v. good.
JD Robb : Innocent in Death. I don't think I can resist buying this book actually. I'm going into town to get it tomorrow. Jeez I'm so weak. :)
Bill Bryson : The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. Why oh why didn't I get this book for Christmas?
Anthology: Mortification: Writers' stories of their public shame
Will Ferguson : How to be a Canadian

I could just link all day, but I don't think anyone is really interested in reading my book list. I even have £35 of book vouchers (a christmas present) to spend! Oh, the irony.

As for handbags, look at these honeys:

Gucci Princy - I posted this picture yesterday.
Doesn't it look great? Perfect for work - not too flashy or chav-ey at meetings. (For details of "chavs", see here and here for the phenomenon that destroyed the Burberry brand)

The Chloe Ava. Much nicer than the "Bay" I think. This isn't a very good photo, check out the Chloe website.

I love this Anya Hindmarch clutch. Cracked metallic gold leather, yummy. I have promised myself a bespoke Ebury when (should that be if?) I get my next promotion. All the more reason to work harder!

Next time: shoes and CDs