Thursday, January 10, 2008


All through 2007 I have been struggling with boss issues. There have been angry blogs. At the end of the year I was really hacked-off and exhausted. I bitterly told the Directors that the team just wasn't working.

So now it has come to this. I have been told that I can move teams if I want to....but....I need to do it now, so that it looks like it is tied in with my promotion etc etc...and not because internal problems.

So is it a case of better the devil you know?

Every team has its problems. If I stay in this team, with my "weak" team leader - is this a chance for me for me to step up to the mark and really show what I'm capable of? All I know is that it is going to be even more hard, intense, difficult work. Do I even want to work that hard? Aargghhhh.

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