Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Husbands and Wives

I heard some really surprising news today. My mother told me that Uncle X, a close friend of our family, has left (or been kicked out by) his wife. The reason? She found out that he has a very young Chinese, i.e. from mainland China, mistress. His wife is very upset. His grown-up children are shocked.

I can hardly believe it. He just doesn't seem the type at all. I feel really sorry for his wife, my Auntie. They didn't have an easy life when they were younger and their children were young; now they have reached the stage where they can relax : children grown up and married with good jobs, time to look forward to grandchildren etc etc. Instead, it's now tears and recriminations.

The worst thing is, I told Mr K-E about it and his response was: well, that's quite normal in Brunei isn't it? So many of your Dad's friends have second wives.

It's not easy being a wife. 35 years of scrimping, saving, cleaning, looking after your children, cooking dinner and washing your husband's underpants. Then he trades you in for a 20 year old; with a face and body that hasn't been worn down by 4 kids and a lifetime of putting other people first.

I had better stop now, before I blog myself into a depression.

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