Sunday, January 20, 2008

Work versus Play

I have to do some work at home today but it's not too bad because I can do it on the laptop in front of the TV. I made a fuss of moving furniture around etc so that I could have the laptop on a table in front of me.

Mr K-E (exasperated): Look what is wrong with you? I'm trying to watch MTV Cribs and you are getting in the way. Just sit down will you?
Me: Yeah, well I have to work, not like some people. And I need to move the table so I can work on the laptop in front of the TV.
Mr K-E: You spend hours with that laptop on the sofa blogging, facebooking, surfing...why do you need a table now?? Just because it's work?
Me: Hhmmpphh.

In fact, why am I even blogging now? Get back to work Katie-Ella!

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