Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday : The Irish Fair

We went for a walk and stumbled across the Irish Fair in one of our local parks. It's on every year, but after a disappointing visit six years ago, we've never bothered to return.

Free events are never going to be that good, but this seemed to be quite well organised with lots of stalls, two main stages and a big fun fair.

We saw some Irish Dancing.

There were also "casual sets", i.e. sets of 6 people (or 3 couples) go up and dance together in groups with lots of changing, swinging etc. It looked a bit like American square dancing.

Look at that blue sky! It's been very wet lately, which is why we went out for a walk as soon as the skies cleared. This was taken in a quieter section of the fair, away from the main stages.

More sky. You can see the fairground rides in this photo.

Mr K-E liked the look of the "cheese pullapart" bread. The name tells you everything you need to know.

I was amused by this sign. Is it that hard to spell?

Unfortunately, my hayfever reared it's ugly head and I spent most of the time rubbing my eyes and blowing my nose. Please, someone, develop a miracle cure soon!

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