Saturday, July 14, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Overall verdict : Oh this movie was sooo good! Pow! Pow! Pow!

I've watched the other Die Hard movies but they were all unmemorable really. Was the first one in an office block during the Christmas holidays? With a stereotypical European villain?

On other hand 4.0 was so good that Mr K-E and I were still excited about it after we left the cinema, discussing our favourite bits on the bus ride home. I was still hyped up and talking about it at breakfast time. Obviously there's not a lot of excitement in my life.

I love action movies - high speed car chases, evil henchmen, hot kung-fu fighting women, ludicrous government plots .... the sillier the better. The only problem is that these movies sometimes drag when the action is not "on". For example, the Mexico sequence in the middle of Terminator 2, which is has some of my favourite action scenes. When the terminator and gang head out to Mexico for some bonding and character development, that's my cue to lie down on the sofa and doze off.

Happily, that's not the case in this movie. You hardly have time to catch your breath; there's no lame character development and Bruce Willis can still do the business. Watch this movie.

My favourite bit: After Bruce Willis is beaten up by the evil Asian woman and he says enough of this kung fu shit, or something like that. Yeah!

Mr K-E's favourite bit: The hamster man.


Bulimic said...

i think it is an awesome movie too. i was so engrossed that at one point of the movie, i wanted to stand up and shouted "fcuk off!" to the bad baddies! i was physically at the edge of my seats and was making lil running steps when they were in chase. of course theres the mandatory bullshit scene i.e. the trailer on the flyover, a lil bit too much no?

oh well, its a die hard movie so it's excusable, brucey rules!

fav scene: car fight in the lift.

Katie-Ella said...

I was at the edge of my seat too! I'm going to watch Harry Potter next, somehow I don't think it's going to be as exciting. Katie-Ella

Bulimic said...

oh potter did keep me at the edge of my seat too... because i was like laying back so i could fall asleep! yeah quite a dull movie for me and even my potter-mad friends were disappointed.