Monday, July 09, 2007

Five things I love about London

  1. No one knows or cares about my family background. In tiny Brunei, people would often ask me who my father was. Then look disappointed because I wasn't from one of the "rich and famous" Brunei-Chinese families.
  2. Public transport
  3. The work opportunities are great. No, really, they are. Despite my complaints.
  4. Crossing the river Thames.
  5. The bookshops. It's lovely to be in a city full of bookworms. I fit in!


~MockingBird~ said...

Hi, I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now, I enjoy reading about your life in London.. lol (I hope that didn't come out as being too creepy!) Anyways just wanted to say I completely agree with your comments about bookshops, they will be one of the main things I'll miss when I go home this year. I love them all, Foyles, Books, etc, Waterstones lol I can spend hours in them just browsing :) That's one thing I think Brunei is seriously lacking, I mean sure we have Booker but that's about it (I don't think Best Eastern can compare to Booker to be honest)! And who sits around in a bruneian bookshop with a nice Frappe all by themselves without people thinking they're some sort of loser? Lol!

Keep on writing!

F xx

Katie-Ella said...

Hi Mockingbird! Yeah Booker rules! Best Eastern is just a pretender to the throne, all us bookworms know this. And don't even mention Paul and Elizabeth.I can spend hours in bookshops too :) Katie-Ella