Saturday, July 21, 2007

Queuing with the other weirdos.

So, we were in town on Friday night and the Harry Potter fans were queuing up outside bookstores. The book was released at midnight - and frankly I can't understand the queuing. Why queue for hours? It's not as if the bookshops are going to run out of books! There is an unlimited supply! Just turn up at midnight, if you are that desperate.

Anyway, we wandered around Charing Cross road where the biggest queue was in the Borders. Mainly because it was actually open and people could sit inside the store instead of on the pavement outside. By this time it was 11:20 and the people camped out in a long snake around the bookshelves were starting to get excited. How amusing, I thought. I would never do this. Besides, I am so over Harry Potter.

When suddenly, Mr K-E says .... lets go to Foyles. They have a much shorter queue.

Me : Uh, why are we queuing? I thought the plan was to laugh at the people who were queuing. (thinking *oh God, I hope no one from work sees me queuing up with these weirdos*)

Foyles and Borders are on opposite sides of Charing Cross Road, but Foyles didn't open their doors till 11:30. Unbelievably, Borders staff came round to the Foyles queue and tried to get us to go to Borders instead, saying you can sit inside, have a coffee etc. When Mr K-E pointed out that there were about 800 people queuing inside Borders, the guy said optimistically, "but we've got more tills...".

Then while we were waiting inside Foyles, at about 11:45, two teenage kids with a loudhailer came in and announced ATTENTION SHOPPERS! XXXX KILLS XXXX ON PAGE 405! XXXX, XXX AND XXXX DIE IN THE END!

The crowds inside boo-ed and hissed at them and they retreated when a security guard approached. I thought it was really amusing. Not sure if they actually knew or were just making it up (there has been a leak due to cock-up in America) but Mr K-E was a bit upset.

Awww never mind, honey.

We still managed to get the book at seven minutes past twelve, which Mr K-E thought was impressive considering we had only queued for half an hour.

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