Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love soft chewy cookies.

I've looked online for American-style chewy cookie recipes but as they are mostly American recipes, the ingredients are all in imperial units. Butter measured in cups?? Some of them have automatic metric conversion, but then they get coverted to ml.

Aarrgghhh..I can only cope with ingredients by weights, or at a pinch, level tablespoon/teaspoon. It's not so bad with savoury recipes, but baking is essentially chemistry - so you can't mess around with the quantities.

But yesterday, I found this recipe online. And it was good.

I used a combination of milk, dark and white chocolate.

Even the dough looked good enough to eat.

Mr K-E said it tasted like Millie's Cookies. That's high praise indeed :)


Jewelle Tan said...

Looks yummy. Haven't baked cookies for ages, I think I'll this a try too hates all these measurement!

Katie-Ella said...

Try it! They are really delicious but eek, so much sugar...