Sunday, June 03, 2007

Very trashy vampires

I know I'm supposed to be re-reading A Cook's Tour (Anthony Bourdain) but this weekend I've been distracted by Lynn Viehl's vampire series. I've plowed my way through If Angels Burn, Private Demon and Dark Need. I'm about to crack open the fourth in the series, Night Lost.

You can tell from the titles just how trashy these books are but who cares? I love them! Men have their James Bond/Dungeons and Dragons/Jet Li delusions and I have my alpha-hero vampires ;)

(If you read trashy romance novels, you will know that vampire fiction is hot these days. I mean popular, not just steamy ...)

JR Ward is another one of my faves; unfortunately her next book is not out till September. *withdrawal*sob*sob* Luckily I stumbled on Lynn Viehl and have been gobbling up her books these last few weeks.

I love discovering new authors especially if they have long backlists. When I discovered JD Robb, I immediately ordered the next 12 books in the Eve Dallas series from Amazon. Why restrain yourself?? Reading is always educational. In Katie-Ella world, books are a guilt-free purchase.

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