Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Off Work

It is Mr K-E's birthday tomorrow so we had a day off work today. We slept in, and so missed all the big news about the defused bomb on Haymarket.

My Mum rang while we were just getting up and having showers etc, so we heard about it from her. Well, you can't let this stuff affect your life really. So we didn't change our plans and went into town as we had planned.

Before we left, we had breakfast at home. I've only discovered how yummy grapefruit is very recently.

Mr K-E made us ham and cheese croissants.

In town we had lunch at Wagamama, before hitting the shops. Yes, the sales are on, woohoo! Todays star buys were :

A cute little coat from Zara. This was actually full price but I thought it was sooo cute. The big lapels! The buttons!

Yep. More shoes. From Zara (me) and Shellys (Mr K-E)


Foodie Tales said...

wow, I love the red coat! E.

Katie-Ella said...

Yeah me too. Although I can't continue this retail binge for much longer.