Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't buy this.

When I was ordering our latest Sainsbury shop online, I happened to see John West's Dressed Lobster and thought it would be nice to try it.

When it arrived, boy, was I disappointed.

Firstly, it was tiny.

That's a teaspoon next to it for scale. And when I opened it, Mr K-E said it looked like catfood. It did not taste good. Bleurgh!

Me: That was rubbish. Lobster! Hah! More like ground up lobster shells and some vegetable oil...
Mr K-E: Well how much did it cost?
Me: Dunno. About a pound?
Mr K-E: Hahahahahahaha! What did you expect? Lobster for a pound? Hahahahaha....etc

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