Friday, June 22, 2007

Shiny shoes

Mr K-E wanted to look at belts in Covent Garden so we met after work for some Friday evening shopping. I saw these honeys in Firetrap. Even though I have bought some new shoes recently that I haven't even worn, I couldn't resist.

...the funky heel...the upturned toes...that shiny patent leather which makes it slightly edgy...

I even like the detail in (silver) lining.

Mr K-E bought some shirts from Firetrap, so it wasn't just me.

After that we wandered over to Urban Outfitters. I haven't been in there for ages, and it's full of lovely clothes. There was a really cool dress from Vivenne Westwood's diffusion line, but at £220 I didn't even dare to try it on. What if it looks really good on me? What then? I hate crying in public!

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