Monday, January 01, 2007

Party of Two

Mr K-E and I are both New Year Eve sceptics. Is it the one night when people who never go out make an effort to go out, and thus spoil it for the rest of us? You know what I mean. It's like Valentine's Night, the worst night of the year to eat out. Terrible service because the restaurant is overbooked, the normal a la carte menu is replaced by a crap "lovers set menu" and you are hemmed-in by other mildly embarassed couples.

So this year, we held a little party for two which was a great success.

Champagne for Mr K-E and Bucks-Fizz (champagne and orange juice) for me.

Starter: Little Indian Snacks - mini samosas, bhajis, kebabs etc and a Mixed Salad

Main Course: Chicken "Paupiettes" - i.e. chicken breast wrapped in streaky bacon, stuffed with ham and parmesan, served with a white white, pepper and cream sauce. Accompanied by roasted mediterranean vegetables and rice.

Pudding: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

It was a lovely dinner. Mr Sainburys did most of the work while Mr K-E and I drank champagne. We could see the midnight fireworks in the distance from the spare bedroom window but it was much better on TV.

Happy New Year everybody!

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