Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday night

We had a seafoodey dinner tonight. To start, prawn cocktail .

Mr K-E was amused that we had a starter. Especially a 70s style one.

Then we had Jamie Oliver's fish pie with plain boiled broccoli. It's delicious and really rich; the sauce is essentially melted cheese and double cream. I've tried a few fish pie recipes and I think this one is the best. Be warned though: you need to eat it with something plain (eg boiled veg) or else it just gets too heavy.

The recipe is here. I don't normally bother to add the spinach. Also where it says "heavy cream", it means double cream. I once used single cream in a fish pie recipe and it "split" while cooking, making the pie look horrible. Tastes OK, but doesn't look appetising.


Eleanor said...

Hi, wow, the fish pie looks delicious and I love prawn cocktail too with its slightly spicy tomatoey mayonnaise with a squeeze of lemon. E.

Katie-Ella said...

Hi Eleanor. Yes, I love prawn cocktail. Even if it is "out of fashion" ha ha

Eleanor said...

Remember the Grill Room in Jalan Sultan? (Located in the building opposite Standard Chartered Bank's main branch)? That was where I had my first introduction to prawn cocktail, waaayyy back in the very early 80s! I still like it.