Monday, January 01, 2007

Resolutions for 2007

I normally never make resolutions because I know that I will break them. And why set yourself up for failure? However, I read somewhere that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, possibly because it indicates a higher level of commitment and self-analysis.

Well, whatever.

This year I'm making a break with tradition. And not just one lousy resolution.....we are talking list here...

  1. To go to the gym. And if I don't go to the gym, to finally cancel my gym membership after 5 years of paying but not going.
  2. To pack my work lunch everyday. I'm sick of Pret sandwiches anyway. Hopefully this will also help me to break my addiction to crisps.
  3. To cook more and not live on McCain's Oven Chips/Chinese takeaways/frozen pizzas.
  4. To throw food away when it's bad and not to eat rice that's been in the fridge for 5 days. Because it will make me ill.
  5. To get to work on time or early. Last year I got into a bad habit of getting to work at 9:30 - which is not a problem generally because my office operates flexi-time, but getting in early means I make good start to the day and get stuck in. (See next resolution)
  6. To focus my mind completely at work and not take any notice of office politics or other people's competence/incompetence. I'm normally quite good at this, but this year I am going to be uber-focussed. I will be a robot.
Also Mr K-E and I have plans to move house this year, and we have dozens of tasks to do before we put the flat on the market. So it's going to be an intense few months.

Wish us luck.

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