Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mr K-E gets tickled. (Try this at home)

Every morning Mr K-E sleeps on the bus on his way to work. This morning, the bus was half-empty because a lot of people have not started work yet after the Christmas holidays. As he was dozing, he noticed that two West Indian men moved seats to sit closer to him. Then, one of the men moved again and actually woke Mr K-E up as he sat down next to him.

Mr K-E (half-asleep) didn't think too much of it.

Then gradually, Mr K-E became aware that something was "tickling" his thigh. He looked at his leg and saw some fingers "tickling" his outer thigh. The man sitting next to him also looked down and pretended that he was trying to get something out of his bag (which was on his lap) but it was obvious that something dodgy was going on.

When the would-be thief and his "partner" saw that they had been rumbled, they quickly left the bus, even though it wasn't at a bus stop.

This is a phenomenon, known as "tickling". Try it for yourself, ladies and gentlemen.

Ask a friend to put their mobile phone in their right jeans or trouser pocket. Ask them to sit down, and you sit down next to them on their right. Then place a bag on your lap and place your left arm on top of the bag, so nothing looks dodgy. Then with your right arm, reach across under your bag, and with a light touch, gently "tickle" the bottom of the bulge of the mobile phone in the pocket. The mobile phone will gradually work itself up the pocket towards the opening, and will eventually stick out of the pocket. You can then remove the phone easily, using the bag as a cover. Ta da!!

Bwa Ha Ha! , now begin your life of crime!! (Please don't)

It's amazing how little you feel if it is done with a light touch. Obviously those guys who tried it on Mr K-E were "beginners" but still.....Anyway, all they would have got was a set of house keys and £1.67.

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