Friday, October 12, 2007


Hey, do you guys remember me talking about entering some competitions awhile ago?

Well, guess what! My product won first prize!!

It was announced at a black-tie awards ceremony a few nights ago in a central london hotel. I hadn't heard anything for ages so I assumed that we hadn't won anything, but then last week I got a phone call saying - uh, are you actually coming to the ceremony, because you might have won something. None of the Directors could make it so it was just me and one other person, luckily I managed to fill a table of 8 with industry guests.

The speeches themselves were incredibly boring and my guests had that "eyes glazed over" look during some of the more technical speeches.

Nevermind, I've won!!


princess said...

Yay!!!!! Congratulations!

So what was the prize? :p

Jewelle Tan said...

Yeah!! Congratulations :-) Any chance of showing us the winning product?

Katie-Ella said...

I just got a certificate and a handshake, hahahaha! It's really about publicity for my company. Sorry guys, I can't show you the product because I've blogged about my boss etc etc and it's quite a specialised industry. It could get sticky, I hope you understand :)